Other information

Alongside the online portal, our clients can take advantage of Ferien Bungalow app to make their reservations. The app has excellent features and is user-friendly. It’s available for both Android and IOS users. The app is occasionally updated to ensure it serves you better. Setting up an account will only take you a few minutes, so please download our app to grab some fantastic offers.

Making Payments

While technology is acting in our favor by making things easier for both parties it’s also enabling users to be able to pay for services during their stay easily. At Ferien Bungalow we work with several payment platforms that allow you to make payments easily. Credit cards, MasterCard, VISA, Bank Transfers, PayPal and many more payment channels are accepted. Furthermore, our most recent added payment option is making it easy for cryptocurrencies users to pay for their vacations through digital coins. To facilitate the transfer, we have partnered with key players in the sector in the Netherlands. Through the player payments in bitcoin and the likes are now accepted in Ferien Bungalow. Our website has a step to step guide available to ensure you complete your crypto transactions with ease.

Other Services

During your stay, we are the handyman at your disposal and are available to provide any services needed. If you would love to get groceries dropped at your home to prepare a meal for your family, we are more than capable of doing so. Furthermore for those with allergies and eat certain types of foods we will gladly link you to local restaurants or hotels which provide all that you need. For the families hosting you, it’s essential you inquire if they can provide you with any special request before you make a reservation.

Ferien Bungalow is an Investment Vehicle

Being in the real estate industry for all these years also comes with its advantages. Since inception, we have been expanding and now own several bungalows, apartments, condos and family homes. Some of these homes we own while others are for our business partners. Our experience has also opened other doors for us. We also run an agency under our umbrella. If you are looking to make an investment in North Holland in the real estate sector, we are available to provide you with any assistance. We can search for the house, connect the buyer/seller and also help you to process legal papers.

Similarly, if you are in search of a vacation house, we can get you one and also manage it for you while you are away. For more information, please contact us via any channel. Our assistants will provide you with the relevant information you need. For more information click here.