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From noticing the demand was high than what we supplied we expanded, and Ferien Bungalow was born. Now we provide several services for vacationers looking for a place to stay, handle their transportation and organise tours around the North of Holland for the tourists. Whether you are in for a few days or are in for several months, Ferien Bungalow got your stay taken care off. To enable all users to have an easy time while making their arrangements we have formed working relationships with different parties involved in the housing sector. Through them, we can meet the demand and make everybody comfortable.

Furthermore, we also have offices available in Amsterdam to ensure your commute after jetting in from your homeland is smooth. If you wish for a chauffeur, we will gladly provide one. But if you need a rental, we can still provide the same.

Through our site, Ferien Bungalow renters and vacationers can peruse homes available for rent depending on their demands. We have bungalows available, simple family homes along the coast right at the beach, condos, apartments and also group homes which accommodate several people. From as low as 200 dollars per head, you can find the perfect home for you and your family. Family homes come complete with bunk beds for your kids and cots can be provided per request. Other activities available to keep you busy during your stay include swimming pools, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and other sports activities. Moreover, depending on the package you choose for your home we can also help provide access to water sports equipment like jet skies, canoes or surfing boards. Bikes are also available for riding around the community and immediate neighborhoods.


Boking can be done right at our various offices or through our online portal after checking out the house. At our online portal, there are pictures of the homes complete with 360 videos which show the ins and outs of the home. Alongside the pictures, each house price is listed with more information. The additional information can be about amenities available and activities one can do around the neighborhood. Besides just linking vacationers to homes we also connect them to families with spare rooms to rent. The latter has been beneficial to many in terms of pricing and even the opportunity to eat a home-cooked meal every day during your stay. Furthermore, the family knowledge of the area comes in handy at helping the visitors understand the region more. Some of the people we have connected to the families have built bonds and become friends. For more information click here.